12 comments on “Running4theMasses Product Review: @Mizunorunning Wave Elixir 7 #Mezamashii Run Project @SethHasty

  1. Great review! Congrats on being slected for the Mezamashii Project! I really think it is amazing. The best way to get the word out there is to put their product on the feet of people who love them and who don;t know they love them yet 🙂 Ever since I started running in Mizunos (I start in the Wave Rider 12s), my running has changed. I feel stronger and I remain injury free. Now I live in the Wave Rider 15s! Will definitely need a new pair soon! Have you heard anything about the Precision vs. Ronin for a lighter weight shoe? Thanks and Congrats again!

    • Thanks for the kind words. If you don’t need pronation help, then I would probably suggest the Ronin’s, if you are looking for more of a racing shoe. Definitely more lightweight. The Precisions have more cushion to them, yet are fairly lightweight. If you are looking for help with pronation, I do highly recommend the Wave Elixir, and soon, I will actually have the Musha’s in my possession to run in. That is definitely a racing shoe, but has pronation assistance.

      • Thanks for your quick reply! I was looking at all 3 actually.The crew at RRS showed me that I have one foot that pronates and one that does not and said any type of stability shoe would mess with the foot that does not pronate. So I stick with a neutral shoe with the custom insoles. I would like the shoe for speedwork, some tempos and definitely to race in! So I just have no idea which pair to get!

      • If you are looking for speed work and tempo, I would definitely go with the Ronin shoe as it is more lightweight and more of a built for speed shoe. The Precision will give you a little bouncier step. Tough choice. If I had to chose one, I would go with the Ronin as it is a more lightweight shoe, and that is what I prefer.

  2. elixir is deffinitely a great looking shoes and i have heard nothing but positive things about. i run in wave inspire 8’s and would never run in anything else, EVER! i always race in the ronins my go to race shoe. congrats on your invite to mezamashii project. great write up on the elixirs as well.

    • Aaron,
      Thanks. I am in love with the Elixirs, and also just got the Musha 4 (write up coming soon on those). I’m torn right now as to what I’ll run my 1st marathon in, the Elixir 7 or the Musha 4 as I am really loving both right now.

      Thanks for the comments. Glad you enjoyed

      • i think you should go with musha…i give nothing but hgh marks to the musha., incredible shoe.

      • Had my second run in them yesterday, and it was much better than the 1st run. It was a track workout, and they felt great, so they must have broken in a little more. I love the lightweight shoe, and those or the Elixirs fit the bill even though the Elixir is slightly heavier than the Musha. I’ll continue to try them both out on different runs. I really want to get the new colors in both the Elixir (yellow) and the Musha (purpleish/orange)

  3. I had been running in Nike Air Pegasus for a while and liked the way they supported my foot. (I have some serious over pronation issues) But I recently got put into some Mizuno Wave Inspires, and I will never go back. They have been so comfortable and cushioning on my feet, and really help with my over pronation issues without giving me a lead sinker on my foot. I love my Mizuno’s and don’t think I will be running in anything else any time soon!

  4. MyPyur, That is great. Glad we have a convert!!!! LOL.. I hope I had something to do with that (even though I know it is wishful thinking) Keep going with it and find your #Brilliantrun

  5. Wow, great in depth review! I currently run in Wave Rider 15s with custom insoles & waiting for a pair of Nirvanas (I know, completely diff type of shoe but interested to see what their high-cushioned support shoe is like). Speedwork/tempos are done in Kinvaras right now but I know I pronate slightly, so the Elixir may be just what I need. Thanks for this review & hope you continue having a #brilliantrun! 🙂

    • Right now, the Elixir 7 is by far my favorite shoe to run in. I still love my WR15, and am really starting to fall in love with my Musha 4 (also have pronation assistance). I really like the Musha 4 when I do track/speed work as they are lightweight (a little more than the Elixir). Thanks for the comments. Hope what I say helped you out!!!!

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