2 comments on “Running4theMasses has been updated for 8.7.12: #FitFluential

  1. Wooow, I’m so jealous! – 14miles! Yesterday I had my longest run and it was 5miles. I felt so proud (and sore), hahah. I can’t even imagine running 14 miles. Do you run outside or you go to gym? I found out that I can run longer on a treadmill than outside for some reason…Have a nice long run today xx Kay

    • Kay, thanks. I mostly try and run outdoors, but lately, when I have speed interval days, I’ve found myself leaning towards the treadmill for those days for some reason. Not always, but sometimes. It is a nice change of pace. I really wasn’t too sore after the run. Put on some compression socks, drank a protein shake, and a few hours later, I was good as new. Each week, I’ll try to go a mile or 2 more than the previous week. Great job on 5 miles. It will only get easier

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