5 comments on “Omaha Marathon Race Recap: #FitFluential @Synergenics @Mizunorunning @GreatGoats

  1. Congratulations! You ran a great race! My first marathon was the same time (with similar walking breaks)! So amazing that you are running an ultra (it scares the hell out of me just thinking about it). Best of luck with everything!!!

      • I am doing Ragnar Adirondacks tomorrow. 32.8 miles total – my legs are 11.5, 11.9 and 9.4. I’ll let you know how my body holds up (especially after being sidelined for 5 weeks with a fractured foot). I have only been running again for about 3 weeks. Should be interesting. I am going to take it slow, enjoy the scenery and have fun!! And try not to die. **Most important.

      • Best of luck to you on that for sure. That will definitely be taxing and trying. At least you’ve been able to get a few weeks of running in, but the 5 weeks off could make it tough!!! You’ll do fine!!!!

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